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Same Difference: 2 Jazz Fans, 1 Jazz Standard

Mar 30, 2020

One of the finest Jazz recordings ever, the Miles Davis standard "So What", takes the spotlight this week on Same Difference. AJ and Johnny examine various versions of this timeless Jazz classic, including takes from George Benson and Chick Corea!

Mar 16, 2020

It's Artie Shaw's signature standard "Begin The Beguine" under the microscope on this week's episode. Join AJ and Johnny as they examine various versions of this mellow classic, including renditions from Tony Bennett, Charlie Parker, and, yes, Pete Townshend!

Mar 2, 2020

The beautifully melancholic standard "Stardust" is under the microscope in this episode of Same Difference. Join AJ and Johnny as they take a listen to several versions of this Jazz classic, all of which (excepting the new artist showcase) come from Johnny's personal collection!

Feb 17, 2020

We return to our regular show format this week, with a look at the Jazz standard "Avalon". Join AJ and Johnny as they listen to and discuss various version of this Jazz classic, that actually started life in a Puccini opera (well, sort of)!

Feb 3, 2020

This week we wrap up our special 3-part series on the Sun Valley Jazz And Music Festival. Join AJ and Johnny for some great Jazz music, plus interviews with some of the performers from last year's festival in Sun Valley, Idaho!